Lebron Cares More Than Kobe

Lebron is better on a couple levels.

Lebron is better on a couple levels.

Lebron James cares about the well-being of others. Kobe Bryant? Not so much.

Last night, after losing to the Golden State Warriors at home for only the second time all season, Lebron congratulated rookie Draymond Green on hitting the game-winning shot and for battling hard all night long. Is that something Kobe Bryant would do? Probably not. You have to truly care about your fellow man to sincerely congratulate an opponent after a loss, and it’s just not natural to Kobe.

Skip Bayless called Kobe “selfish” (not to his face of course, Skip isn’t stupid) and when asked about Skip’s comments on ESPN Kobe didn’t deny it, he just said he has a big ego and all big stars have big egos. Um, Lebron has a big ego but he’s still a gentleman and truly wants to see people do well (except for his opponent that night).

Kobe also said he fears guarding Carmelo Anthony over Lebron, because Melo has a better jumpshot. And then Kobe decided to rattle off the other superstars that can shoot better than Lebron. Ok Kobe, we get it. You don’t like people saying Lebron is better than you. But saying stuff this stupid makes people pile on, like me. Would Lebron ever slight you like that? No. He would find a way to politely dance around the question like most people would.

Kobe is a volume shooter. He knows he’s the best option, which can make an offense stagnant. And at the end of the game, when he HAS to shoot he makes only 26% of game-winning shots, while Lebron makes 41%.

And why is that? At the end of the game it’s more likely going to be a forced shot. Guess what Kobe? Most NBA players when wide open hit better than 26%. How many of those times you forced up a fading 27-footer with two guys on you could you have found an open teammate for a wide open shot? Just asking.

Kobe has on occasion tried to get his other players involved, almost to the point of making a point, meaning he’ll NOT shoot the entire first half, just to prove he CAN pass, but it’s obvious he’s not doing it naturally. And then he goes back to shooting every possession the second half because it’s obvious his passive approach isn’t working.

He SHOULD just be able to naturally back off the shots by 10 or so a game and every time he passes to a wide-open man in the corner for a three-pointer he SHOULDN’T shrug when it clanks off the rim. He should hope that guy will now be more motivated to play defense because he thinks Kobe actually knows he’s on the court. He might actually slide over when Kobe gets beat on defense, and possibly even take a charge.  They could protect each other. But if Kobe doesn’t spread the love once in a while his teammates won’t reciprocate.

But that’s simply the point. He doesn’t spread the love, with his teammates on the court or with his fellow man off the court. Lebron does. Lebron is a love-spreader. He spreads love wherever he goes. On the court. On fans. On all creatures of the planet. And you can bet when he butters toast for his kids he spreads it with looooooove.

-Scott Channon, President at PalCheck


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